Sunday, January 18, 2009

Image Post- Semester 1

Here are some of my favorite backgrounds and design work from first semester:
This was our final Design class project: design a "room with a personality," meaning create a room that only a certain type of person would live in. I chose to base this idea off of an original character of mine who is a college aged artist. (Which, I guess, means I almost designed this room for myself minus the fact I can't stand sleeping on a bunk bed).
This was for our Environmental studies class; we had to build a basic church out of foam core, and then use that base to draw a church of our own design (freehand, and we needed two different views of the church drawn within the limits of class time, which was three hours).
This was a background created for my final animation of the semester, a flour sack whose actions were based off of a scared Maurice from Beauty and the Beast.
This was another Environmental studies project; in groups of four we had to design a rectangular room of any type, and then each person would draw a separate corner. My group chose a retro styled diner kitchen, and I got the corner with the stove/ oven/ grill plate in it.

And that's all I have for today, folks. Feel free to leave a comment or share this blog with other people. I'd never mind having a little bit of free publicity!

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  1. I like those! :)
    Somehow I especially like that winding tree on the graveyard.
    Reminds me of my I am already in 7 semester.
    But I am pretty new here too.:D